• Mains

    • Sultan Lamb Claypot


      Tantazing lamb pleces (slow cooked 3-4hrs) served in a maraccan spiced souce on top of peari Cous-cous topped with eggplant, halaumi and herb bechamel

    • Chicken Makloubeh (GF)


      Succulent morsels of poached chicken pleces served a top of grilled eggplant slices & a spiced lamb pilaf rice scented with cinnamon & allspice, scattered with toasted aimonds & pine nuts with a side of jajik.

    • Mixed Grill for 2


      An array of our finest grills including: Shish lamb & chicken, kofta, cutlets, soujouk & Ma'anek sausage served with saffron pilaf rice.

    • Lebanese Fish


      Grilled fish topped with a traditional salad of capsicum, coriander, red onion & walnuts drizzled with tahini & crispy pitta served on a bed of saffron rice

    • Stuffed Calamari


      Calamari stuffed with cous cous, Turkish salami, olives preserved lemon & herbs braised in turkish salami

    • Beef Kofta


      Grilled juicy beef kofte served on saffron pilaf-rice & finished with parsley & red onion salsa topped with pine nuts.

    • Pirzola (4pc)


      Mouth-watering Spring lamb cutlets served with harissa potato salad.

    • Shish Lamb(4sk)


      Skewered succaent lamb fillets marinated overnight & char-grilled for a tender bits served on saffron pliaf-rice.

    • Iskender of Vegetables (GF)


      An appetising variety of baked eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, potato & carrot vineleaves finished with Turkish salcha sauce & minted Yogurt

    • Vegetarian Platter


      Haloumi, vegetarian dolma, sambousek, falafel, tabouleh & wild z'ataar.

    • Shish Chicken(4sk)


      Char-grilled skewered tender breast of chicken served on almond pliaf-rice