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Are you craving for some scrumptious Middle Eastern food here in Melbourne? Are you looking for those authentic flavours that will delight your taste buds and hit the spot? Then you have come to the right place.

Located on Carre Street in Melbourne’s Elsternwick, Arabesque Dining and Bar is built on a dream of presenting you with classic, authentic Middle Eastern flavours in a fresh and unique way. With a menu inspired from traditional recipes direct from the Middle East, Turkey and Morocco, our Turkish and Moroccan restaurant bring to you fresh flavours right here in the heart of Melbourne.

Why is Middle Eastern Food, a Must-Try?

    • It is Healthier – Middle Eastern food is all about fresh ingredients and vegetables. You will rarely find fried foods in Middle Eastern food, instead, it uses baking, grilling and raw ingredients.
    • Haven for Meat-Lovers and Vegetarian’s Paradise – Middle Eastern food uses spices, herbs and offers bursts of flavours for vegetarian lovers. And meat-eaters can have delicious options like hummus, baba ghanoush and soups and stews they can relish upon.
    • Spices not Sauces – The delicious flavour of all these finger-licking Turkish and Moroccan dishes come from carefully selected herbs and spices rather than heavy sauces. This ensures that each dish has the maximum amount of flavour but the minimum amount of saturated fats.
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    Enjoy our large selection of local and imported wines. Our expert staff can help with selections to complement your meal from red, white to sparkling or treat yourself to one of our delectable Sultan cocktails.

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    Our expert, professional and welcoming staff will ensure your dining experience is perfect. From a warm welcome, to attentive service our team’s number one priority is ensuring you have a great night out.

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    Fusion-Inspired Mecca

    Blending elegantly themed interiors and a unique ambience, Arabesque aspires to be your choice for a fun filled family meal, a quiet romantic dinner, relaxing after work drinks and Meze or even some scrumptious takeaway.

Authentic Flavours and an Elegant Atmosphere – We Have It All!

At our Turkish restaurant in Melbourne, we strive to bring to you the unique Middle Eastern flavours with a unique ambience. We believe that good food should be enjoyed and devoured with a full heart. Therefore, our elegantly themed interiors and vibrant vibe will provide you with a perfect setup for a fun-filled family meal, a quiet romantic Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Turkish dinner or even a scrumptious takeaway.

Each of our Moroccan and Turkish food dishes has its own story from the authentic recipes direct from the Middle East made with a modern twist. Our Middle Eastern restaurant in Melbourne reflects the hospitality of our staff, expert chefs and managers. We always want to get better and so our menu is never done. At our Turkish restaurant, we find inspiration from everywhere – authentic flavours, ingredients, new methods and adopt fresh takes on conventional methods.

Our Team

Our team at Arabesque takes absolute pride in curating Middle Eastern food in Melbourne that is made from the freshest, finest locally sourced produce, handpicked by our culinary experts. We take extra care while choosing ingredients – choosing only the supplest meat, freshest veggies and authentic herbs for you. At our Turkish restaurant in Melbourne, you will always be eating a fresh meal made by our culinary experts that breathe the exotic middle eastern taste.

Our serving staff makes everything with love and care and are few of the politest and courteous people you will ever interact with. With expertise and specialisation in Middle Eastern cuisines, rest assured that at our Moroccan restaurant in Melbourne, you will have lip-smacking dishes right in front of you. So, come celebrate life with your family through our rich Turkish and Moroccan food.

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At our Middle Eastern restaurant, we believe that the food should not only taste good but also make you feel good and that’s why we are always up to exploring flavours and finding ways to make the experience more exciting and fun for you. So, come visit us today and indulge in an exotic Middle Eastern feast. To make bookings, call us on 03 9523 1108.