A selection delicious of traditional Middle Eastern & Turkish starters, dips & appetisers including old favourites like hummus and dolmas.  Great to start the meal with a glass of wine.

    • Meze

    • Trio of Dips (GF)


      Hummuz, Babaghanouj & Wild Za'taar dip with four spice pitta

    • Jajik (Cucumber) Dip


      cucumber, fresh mint, dill & yoghurt

    • Falafel (GF)


      Lebanese or Egyptian style (2 or 4pcs)

    • Meat Cigars


      Filo pastry of spiced lamb, onion & pinenuts finished with pomegranate molasses (2 or 4pcs)

    • Ma’anek Sausages (GF)


      Served with soft boiled dukkah egg

    • Hellim & Fig


      Grilled haloumi with fig jam topped with a capsicum & red onion salad then sprinkled with crisy air dried beef (2 or 4pcs).
      (GF Option available)

    • Sambousek


      Filo pastry filled with baby spinach & fetta (6pc)

    • Bildirjin (GF)


      Char-grilled tender quail served on a wild roquette, mint & parsley salad (3pcs)

    • Kibbeh Batata


      Egg shell or potato & cracked wheat stuffed with artichoke, spinach & cheese (4pcs)

    • Sizzling Prawn Hotplate (GF)


      Char grilled tiger prawns served on a sizzling hotplate with lemon, garlic, chilli & coriander (8pcs)

    • Manti - Turkish Lamb Dumplings


      Manti is believe to originate from the Uyghur Turks living in China, made with lamb & mild spices topped with garlic yoghurt sauce, red pepper butter & toasted pinenuts.

Please advise your waiter if you have pre-ordered a special meal. Please Note that whilst we endeavour to accommodate requests for special meals for guests with food allergies or intolerance.  We can not guarantee complete allergy free meals.  This is due to potential trace allergens in the work environment and supplied ingredients.