Arabesque Banquet Dining

Our banquets are designed to bring people together as they did centuries ago.  Royalty, family gatherings and even farmers would serve up small traditional dishes known as meze. So put aside a little time at Arabesque to eat, drink and be happy.

Please note there are no split banquets. Portion increased by the number of patrons.


Turkish Banquet

Taste of Turkiye – $65 pp

Portion Increased by the number of patrons
All dishes served as meze.

  • Jajik – cucumber, fresh mint & yoghurt
  • Olive, capsicum & dill dip
  • Bildirjin – chargrilled quail
  • Sizzling prawn hotplate
  • Manti – Turkish lamb dumplings
  • Hellim – haloumi served on fig juice
  • Pirzola – spring lamb cutlets
  • Tavuk Shish – grilled chicken skewers
  • Smashed Baklava & Halva Ice cream
  • Turkish coffee & Turkish apple tea

Lebanese Banquet

Taste of Lebanon – $55 pp

Portion Increased by the number of patrons

  • Hummuz, Babaghanouj & Wild Za’taar Dip
  • Tabouleh Salad
  • Falafel
  • Meat Cigars
  • Sambousek
  • Ma’annek Sausages
  • Kibbeh Batata
  • Chicken Makloubeh
  • Beef Kofta
  • Lebanese Doughnuts & Mahalabieh
  • Rose & Hibiscus tea or Arabic cardamom coffee

Moroccan Banquet

Taste of Morocco – $45 pp

Portion Increased by the number of patrons

  • Ras-el Hanout Prawns
  • Taktouka – Cooked tomato & pepper dip
  • Mechoi lamb with carrot & orange salad
  • Chicken in parchment with Moroccan aromats
  • Fish Tagine with pearl cous cous
  • Saffron & Honey poached pear with almonds
  • Moroccan mint teat with orange blossom

Great for Events & Functions

We play host to a wide range of functions, be it any occasion, we provide the perfect setting for memories to be made and moments to be cherished. Our banquet offerings are a gastronomic delight and will set the mood for an enjoyable get-together.